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Katsu Funai

Katsu Funai, MS, PhD

Languages spoken: Japanese

Academic Information

Departments Adjunct - Biochemistry

Academic Office Information

Research Interests

  • Molecular Systematics

Dr. Funai’s research involves studying the molecular mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle metabolism. He uses cell culture, mouse models, and clinical studies to understand how lipid molecules mediate the effect that obesity has on cellular homeostasis. His laboratory is located at the Diabetes & Metabolism Research Center at the Eccles Institute of Human Genetics.

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Iigo MR (04/2020). Estrogen receptor-α in female skeletal muscle is not required for regulation of muscle insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial regulation. Mol Metab.
  2. McKenzie AI Reidy PT Nelson DS Mulvey JL Yonemura NM Petrocelli JJ Mahmassani ZS Tippetts TS Summers SA Funai K Drummond MJ (01/01/2020). Pharmacological inhibition of TLR4 ameliorates muscle and liver ceramide content after disuse in previously physically active mice. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. (Read full article)
  3. Johnson JM Verkerke ARP Maschek JA Ferrara PJ Lin CT Kew KA Neufer PD Lodhi IJ Cox JE Funai K (01/01/2020). Alternative splicing of UCP1 by non-cell-autonomous action of PEMT. Mol Metab, 31, 55-66. (Read full article)
  4. Mahmassani ZS (01/2020). Absence of MyD88 from skeletal muscle protects female mice from inactivity-induced adiposity and insulin resistance.
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  6. Gumucio JP Qasawa AH Ferrara PJ Malik AN Funai K McDonagh B Mendias CL (10/01/2019). Reduced mitochondrial lipid oxidation leads to fat accumulation in myosteatosis. 33, 7863-7881. (Read full article)
  7. Verkerke ARP (09/2019). Phospholipid methylation regulates muscle metabolic rate through Ca2+ transport efficiency.
  8. Park H He A Tan M Johnson JM Dean JM Pietka TA Chen Y Zhang X Hsu FF Razani B Funai K Lodhi IJ (02/01/2019). Peroxisome-derived lipids regulate adipose thermogenesis by mediating cold-induced mitochondrial fission. 129, 694-711. (Read full article)
  9. Anderson EJ Vistoli G Katunga LA Funai K Regazzoni L Monroe TB Gilardoni E Cannizzaro L Colzani M De Maddis D Rossoni G Canevotti R Gagliardi S Carini M Aldini G (12/01/2018). A carnosine analog mitigates metabolic disorders of obesity by reducing carbonyl stress. 128, 5280-5293. (Read full article)
  10. Johnson JM Ferrara PJ Verkerke ARP Coleman CB Wentzler EJ Neufer PD Kew KA de Castro Brs LE Funai K (11/01/2018). Targeted overexpression of catalase to mitochondria does not prevent cardioskeletal myopathy in Barth syndrome. J Mol Cell Cardiol, 121, 94-102. (Read full article)
  11. Ferrara PJ Verkerke ARP Brault JJ Funai K (11/01/2018). Hypothermia Decreases O2 Cost for Ex Vivo Contraction in Mouse Skeletal Muscle. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 50, 2015-2023. (Read full article)
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  13. Heden TD Neufer PD Funai K (12/01/2017). Looking Beyond Structure: Membrane Phospholipids of Skeletal Muscle Mitochondria. 27, 553-562. (Read full article)
  14. Funai K Lodhi IJ Spears LD Yin L Song H Klein S Semenkovich CF (06/01/2016). Skeletal Muscle Phospholipid Metabolism Regulates Insulin Sensitivity and Contractile Function. 65, 358-70. (Read full article)
  15. Paran CW Zou K Ferrara PJ Song H Turk J Funai K (12/01/2015). Lipogenesis mitigates dysregulated sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium uptake in muscular dystrophy. Biochim Biophys Acta, 1851, 1530-8. (Read full article)
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  17. Oh J Riek AE Darwech I Funai K Shao J Chin K Sierra OL Carmeliet G Ostlund RE Bernal-Mizrachi C (10/01/2015). Deletion of macrophage Vitamin D receptor promotes insulin resistance and monocyte cholesterol transport to accelerate atherosclerosis in mice. Cell Rep, 10, 1872-86. (Read full article)
  18. Jensen-Urstad AP Song H Lodhi IJ Funai K Yin L Coleman T Semenkovich CF (04/01/2014). Nutrient-dependent phosphorylation channels lipid synthesis to regulate PPARα. J Lipid Res, 54, 1848-59. (Read full article)
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  28. Funai K Cartee GD (05/01/2009). Inhibition of contraction-stimulated AMP-activated protein kinase inhibits contraction-stimulated increases in PAS-TBC1D1 and glucose transport without altering PAS-AS160 in rat skeletal muscle. 58, 1096-104. (Read full article)
  29. Funai K Cartee GD (02/01/2009). Contraction-stimulated glucose transport in rat skeletal muscle is sustained despite reversal of increased PAS-phosphorylation of AS160 and TBC1D1. 105, 1788-95. (Read full article)
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