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Luisa Battistella

Luisa Battistella, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Pathology

Academic Office Information

Board Certification

  • American Society for Clinical Pathology (Medical Laboratory Scientist)

Education History

Undergraduate West Virginia University School of Medicine
Graduate Training University of Padua

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Hong KL, Battistella L, Salva AD, Williams RM, Sooter LJ (2015). In vitro selection of single-stranded DNA molecular recognition elements against S. aureus alpha toxin and sensitive detection in human serum. Int J Mol Sci, 16(2), 2794-809.
  2. Hong KL, Yancey K, Battistella L, Williams RM, Hickey KM, Bostick CD, Gannett PM, Sooter LJ (2015). Selection of Single-Stranded DNA Molecular Recognition Elements against Exotoxin A Using a Novel Decoy-SELEX Method and Sensitive Detection of Exotoxin A in Human Serum. Biomed Res Int, 2015, 417641.
  3. Williams RM, Kulick AR, Yedlapalli S, Battistella L, Hajiran CJ, Sooter LJ (2014). In vitro selection of a single-stranded DNA molecular recognition element specific for bromacil. J Nucleic Acids, 2014, 102968.
  4. He Q, Battistella L, Morse RH (2007). Mediator requirement downstream of chromatin remodeling during transcriptional activation of CHA1 in yeast. J Biol Chem, 283(9), 5276-86.
  5. Fabrizio P, Gattazzo C, Battistella L, Wei M, Cheng C, McGrew K, Longo VD (2005). Sir2 blocks extreme life-span extension. Cell, 123(4), 655-67.
  6. Fabrizio P, Battistella L, Vardavas R, Gattazzo C, Liou LL, Diaspro A, Dossen JW, Gralla EB, Longo VD (2004). Superoxide is a mediator of an altruistic aging program in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. J Cell Biol, 166(7), 1055-67.