Peter F. Crossno, MD


  • English

Academic Information

  • Departments: Internal Medicine - Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Divisions: Pulmonary

Academic Office Information

  • 801-507-5492
  • Intermountain Medical Center
    Respiratory ICU
    5121 Cottonwood Street
    Murray, UT 84107

Education History

Type School Degree
Fellowship Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Research Fellow
Fellowship Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Clinical Fellow
Diploma Trinity University
Minor: Biology

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Evans RS, Kuttler KG, Simpson KJ, Howe S, Crossno PF, Johnson KV, Schreiner MN, Lloyd JF, Tettelbach WH, Keddington RK, Tanner A, Wilde C, Clemmer TP (2014). Automated detection of physiologic deterioration in hospitalized patients. J Am Med Inform Assoc, 22(2), 350-60.
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  3. Scholand MB, Wolff R, Crossno PF, Sundar K, Winegar M, Whipple S, Carey P, Sunchild N, Coon H (2014). Severity of cough in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is associated with MUC5 B genotype. Cough, 10, 3.
  4. Tanjore H, Degryse AL, Crossno PF, Xu XC, McConaha ME, Jones BR, Polosukhin VV, Bryant AJ, Cheng DS, Newcomb DC, McMahon FB, Gleaves LA, Blackwell TS, Lawson WE (2013). β-catenin in the alveolar epithelium protects from lung fibrosis after intratracheal bleomycin. Am J Respir Crit Care Med, 187(6), 630-9.
  5. Crossno PF, Polosukhin VV, Blackwell TS, Johnson JE, Markin C, Moore PE, Worrell JA, Stahlman MT, Phillips JA 3rd, Loyd JE, Cogan JD, Lawson WE (2010). Identification of early interstitial lung disease in an individual with genetic variations in ABCA3 and SFTPC. Chest, 137(4), 969-73.
  6. Crossno PF, Loyd JE, Milstone AP (2008). External-beam radiotherapy for massive hemoptysis complicating mediastinal fibrosis. South Med J, 101(10), 1056-8.
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