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Christopher R. Butson, PhD

Languages spoken:

Academic Information

Departments: Bioengineering - Associate Professor, Neurosurgery - Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychiatry - Adjunct Associate Professor

Divisions: Adult Psychiatry

Academic Office Information

Please see my website for accurate and up to date information:

Selected Publications

  1. Anderson CJ Anderson DN Pulst SM Butson CR Dorval AD (04/01/2020). Neural Selectivity, Efficiency, and Dose Equivalence in Deep Brain Stimulation through Pulse Width Tuning and Segmented Electrodes. Brain Stimul, 13(4), 1040-1050.
  2. Janson AP Anderson DN Butson CR (03/01/2020). Activation robustness with directional leads and multi-lead configurations in deep brain stimulation. J Neural Eng, 17, 026012.
  3. Duffley G Anderson DN Vorwerk J Dorval AD Butson CR (02/01/2020). Evaluation of methodologies for computing the deep brain stimulation volume of tissue activated. J Neural Eng, 16, 066024.
  4. Vorwerk J Brock AA Anderson DN Rolston JD Butson CR (01/01/2020). A retrospective evaluation of automated optimization of deep brain stimulation parameters. J Neural Eng, 16(6), 064002.
  5. Anderson DN Anderson C Lanka N Sharma R Butson CR Baker BW Dorval AD (11/01/2019). The μDBS: Multiresolution, Directional Deep Brain Stimulation for Improved Targeting of Small Diameter Fibers. Front Neurosci, 13, 1152.
  6. Vorwerk J Aydin Wolters CH Butson CR (06/01/2019). Influence of Head Tissue Conductivity Uncertainties on EEG Dipole Reconstruction. Front Neurosci, 13, 531.