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Elliot H. Smith, PhD

Languages spoken: English, French, Indonesian

Academic Information

Departments: Neurosurgery - Assistant Professor

Academic Office Information

Education History

Fellowship Columbia University
Postdoctoral Training
Doctoral Training University of Utah
Neural Engineering
Undergraduate University of Washington
Psychology; Minor: Mathematics

Selected Publications

  1. Edward M Merricks, Elliot H Smith, Ronald G Emerson, Lisa M Bateman, Guy M McKhann, Robert R Goodman, Sameer A Sheth, Bradley Greger, Paul A House, Andrew J Trevelyan, Catherine A Schevon (2021). Neuronal firing and waveform alterations through ictal recruitment in humans. J Neurosci.
  2. Catherine A Schevon Elliot H Smith, Edward M Merricks, Jyun-You Liou, Camilla Casadei, Lucia Melloni, Thomas Thesen, Daniel J Friedman, Werner K Doyle, Ronald G Emerson, Robert R Goodman, Guy M McKhann II, Sameer A Sheth, John D Rolston (2020). Dual mechanisms of ictal high frequency oscillations in human rhythmic onset seizures. Sci Rep.
  3. Bornali Kundu, Tyler S Davis, Brian Philip, Elliot H Smith, Amir Arain, Angela Peters, Blake Newman, Christopher R Butson, John D Rolston (2020). A systematic exploration of parameters affecting evoked intracranial potentials in patients with epilepsy. Brain Stimul.
  4. Rose M Caston, Elliot H Smith, Tyler S Davis, John D Rolston (2020). The cerebral localization of pain: anatomical and functional considerations for targeted electrical therapies. [Review]. J Clin Med.
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  6. Jyun-you Liou, Elliot H Smith, Lisa M Bateman, Samuel L Bruce, Guy M McKhann, Robert R Goodman, Ronald G Emerson, Catherine A Schevon, LF Abbott (2020). A model for focal seizure onset, propagation, evolution, and progression. Elife.
  7. Melina Tsitsiklis, Jonathan Miller, Salman E Qasim, Cory S Inman, Robert E Gross, Jon T Willie, Elliot H Smith, Sameer A Sheth, Catherine A Schevon, Michael R Sperling, Ashwini Sharan, Joel M Stein, Joshua Jacobs (2020). Single-neuron representations of spatial targets in humans. Curr Biol.
  8. James OSullivan, Jose Herrero, Elliot Smith, Catherine Schevon, Guy M McKhann, Sameer A Sheth, Ashesh D Mehta, Nima Mesgarani (2019). Hierarchical encoding of attended auditory objects in multi-talker speech perception. Neuron.
  9. Salman E Qasim, Jonathan Miller, Cory S Inman, Robert E Gross, Jon T Willie, Bradley Lega, Jui-Jui Lin, Ashwini Sharan, Chengyuan Wu, Michael R Sperling, Sameer A Sheth, Guy M McKhann, Elliot H Smith, Catherine Schevon, Joel M Stein, Joshua Jaco (2019). Memory retrieval modulates spatial tuning of single neurons in the human entorhinal cortex. Nat Neurosci.
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  11. Elliot H Smith, Guillermo Horga, Mark J Yates, Charles B Mikell, Garrett P Banks, Yagna J Pathak, Catherine A Schevon, Guy M McKhann, Benjamin Y Hayden, Matthew M Botvinick, Sameer A Sheth (2019). Widespread temporal coding of cognitive control in the human prefrontal cortex. Nat Neurosci.
  12. Michael Wenzel, Shuting Han, Elliot Smith, Hoel Erik, Bradley Greger, Paul House, Rafael Yuste (2019). Reduced repertoire of cortical microstates and neuronal ensembles in medically-induced loss of consciousness. Cell Syst.
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