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Seong-Eun Kim, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments: Radiology and Imaging Sciences - Research Assistant Professor

Divisions: Radiology Research

Academic Office Information

(801) 581-3144

729 Arapeen Rd, Room:
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Successful research scientist with 25 years experience in academic and clinical environments. Performed and managed research projects with various collaborators, including clinicians and other scientists, relating to novel medical imaging techniques and their clinical validation, mostly in clinical MRI systems. In possession of technical knowledge and skills in advanced imaging techniques and applications. Substantial experience in understanding the critical issues in clinical and research environments. Fluent in English and Korean.

Education History

Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Utah School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Colorado School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellow
Doctoral Training University of Colorado Boulder
Medical Physics
Graduate Training University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Theoretical High Energy Physics
Undergraduate Ewha Womans University

Selected Publications

  1. Kim SE, Parker DL, Roberts JA, Treiman GS, Alexander M, Baradaran H, de Havenon A, McNally JS (July 2021). Differentiation of symptomatic and asymptomatic carotid intraplaque hemorrhage using 3D high-resolution diffusion-weighted stack of stars imaging. NMR Biomed, e4582(Online ahead of print).
  2. McNally JS, Sakata A, Alexander MD, Dewitt LD, Sonnen JA, Menacho ST, Stoddard GT, Kim SE, de Havenon AH (June 2021). Vessel Wall Enhancement on Black-Blood MRI Predicts Acute and Future Stroke in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, 42(6), 1038-1045.
  3. McNally JS, Havenon A, Kim SE, Wang C, Wang S, Zabriskie MS, Parker DL, Baradaran H, Alexander MD (June 2021). Rabbit models of intracranial atherosclerotic disease for pathological validation of vessel wall MRI. Neuroradiol J, 34(3), 193-199.
  4. McNally JS, Jaffey JA, Kim SE, Alexander MD, Shumway KL, Cohn LA, Parker DL, Day RW (2019). Methemoglobin Modulation as an Intravascular Contrast Agent for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Proof of Concept. 6, 416.
  5. Alexander MD, de Havenon A, Kim SE, Parker DL, McNally JS (2019). Assessment of quantitative methods for enhancement measurement on vessel wall magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of intracranial atherosclerosis. Neuroradiology, 61(6), 643.
  6. McNally JS, Hinckley PJ, Sakata A, Eisenmenger LB, Kim SE, De Havenon AH, Quigley EP, Iacob E, Treiman GS, Parker DL (2018). Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Clinical Factors Associated With Ischemic Stroke in Patients Suspected of Cervical Artery Dissection. Stroke, 49(10), 2337.
  7. Peckham ME, Anderson JS, Rassner UA, Shah LM, Hinckley PJ, de Havenon A, Kim SE, McNally JS (2018). Low b-value diffusion weighted imaging is promising in the diagnosis of brain death and hypoxic-ischemic injury secondary to cardiopulmonary arrest. Crit Care, 22(1), 160.
  8. de Havenon A, Mossa-Basha M, Shah L, Kim SE, Park M, Parker D, McNally JS (2017). High-resolution vessel wall MRI for the evaluation of intracranial atherosclerotic disease. Neuroradiology, 59(12), 1193-1202.
  9. de Havenon A, Mossa-Basha M, Shah L, Kim SE, Park M, Parker D, McNally JS (2017). High-resolution vessel wall MRI for the evaluation of intracranial atherosclerotic disease. [Review]. Neuroradiology, 59(12), 1193-1202.
  10. Sanders WG, Li H, Zhuplatov I, He Y, Kim SE, Cheung AK, Agarwal J, Terry CM (2017). Autologous fat transplants to deliver glitazone and adiponectin for vasculoprotection. J Control Release, 264, 237-246.
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  13. Kim SE, Roberts JA, Eisenmenger LB, Aldred BW, Jamil O, Bolster BD, Bi X, Parker DL, Treiman GS, McNally JS (2017). Motion-insensitive carotid intraplaque hemorrhage imaging using 3D inversion recovery preparation stack of stars (IR-prep SOS) technique. J Magn Reson Imaging, 45(2), 410-417.
  14. Eisenmenger LB, Aldred BW, Kim SE, Stoddard GJ, de Havenon A, Treiman GS, Parker DL, McNally JS (2016). Prediction of Carotid Intraplaque Hemorrhage Using Adventitial Calcification and Plaque Thickness on CTA. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, 37(8), 1496-503.
  15. McNally JS, Burton TM, Aldred BW, Kim SE, McLaughlin MS, Eisenmenger LB, Stoddard GJ, Majersik JJ, Miller DV, Treiman GS, Parker DL (2016). Vitamin D and Vulnerable Carotid Plaque. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, 37(11), 2092-2099.
  16. McLaughlin MS, Hinckley PJ, Treiman SM, Kim SE, Stoddard GJ, Parker DL, Treiman GS, McNally JS (2015). Optimal Prediction of Carotid Intraplaque Hemorrhage Using Clinical and Lumen Imaging Markers. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol, 36(12), 2360-6.
  17. Shi XF, Carlson PJ, Sung YH, Fiedler KK, Forrest LN, Hellem TL, Huber RS, Kim SE, Zuo C, Jeong EK, Renshaw PF, Kondo DG (2015). Decreased brain PME/PDE ratio in bipolar disorder: a preliminary (31) P magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. Bipolar Disord, 17(7), 743-52.
  18. Terry CM, Zhuplatov I, He Y, Wun TC, Kim SE, Cheung AK (2015). Assessment of Novel Anti- thrombotic Fusion Proteins for Inhibition of Stenosis in a Porcine Model of Arteriovenous Graft. PLoS One, 10(9).
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Global Impact

Education History

Type School Degree
Undergraduate Ewha Womans University