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Tejinder P. Singh, B.D.S., M.D.S., M.P.H.

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Panjabi

Academic Information

Departments: Family & Preventive Medicine - Associate Professor (Lecturer)

Divisions: Public Health

Academic Office Information

Research Interests

  • Community Engagement
  • Malnutrition Among Children
  • Cultural and Gender Studies
  • Health and Legal Literacy
  • Adolescent Nutrition
  • Social Determinants of Health

Tejinder P. (TP) Singh, BDS,MDS, MPH is an Associate Professor in the Division of Public Health. He joined the Divison of Public Health as an Adjunct Instructor and has played a key role in fostering academic collaborations and engaging communities promoting the practice of Public Health globally. He is also working for the School of Dentistry bridging dentistry and public health to promote preventive oral health programs in Utah. He directs a learning abroad program for the Division of Public Health to India for promoting scholarship including research in gender equity, nutrition and water sanitation and hygiene. TP Singh earned a BDS and MDS (Prosthodontics) degree from Government Dental College & Hospital ,Amritsar, before continuing on to earn a MPH at the University of Utah.

Research Statement

My focus is community-engaged intervention driven research to seek solutions promising a life of dignity and well being for individuals and communities;locally,nationally and globally.

Education History

Graduate Training University of Utah
Public Health
Graduate Training Government Dental College & Hospital
Dental Surgery
Undergraduate Government Dental College & Hospital
Dental Surgery

Global Impact

Grand Rounds

Description Country
Global Public Health Grand Rounds "Community Engaged Scholarship – Experience from India" 2019 Division of Public Health, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, The University of Utah India


Description Country
"Community engagement - Lessons from the field." Multidisciplinary Global Health Research Seminar, School of Dentistry, University of Utah. India
Community Engagement- Practice and Principles, Confluence of services in District Fathegarh Symposium India
"Best practices in Water Sanitation and Hygiene."Disrict Fategarh, India symposium India
"Importance of growth monitoring and nutrition in early childhood." Community Engagement and Rural Development symposium, Fathegarh, India India
"Extreme Affordability - Disrupting Barriers to Strengthen Global Health Lessons from India." Extereme Affordability Conference-2017,University of Utah Health Sciences India
"What after graduation-Public Health as a career."Rayat - Bahra Dental College & Hospital-India India
"Educating Responsible Global Citizens and the Importance of Collaboration."-Asian Research Symposium, Songdo, South Korea Republic of Korea
"Community engagement - Empowering communities and promoting scholarship."Hankuk University- Department of Foreign Studies- South Korea Republic of Korea


Date Role Description Country
09/01/2009 Founder & Coordinator Bassi Pathana Community Collaborative Development Project: Forged a four-way partnership between the University of Utah Division of Public Health, Mehar Baba Charitable Trust; an NGO, the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research; an institute of high repute, and nine rural villages in Punjab, India; The goal is to improve the health and environmental conditions of villages in the region through collaborative, participatory projects.Work through 2016 has focused on engaging the community in decision-making, assessing needs, and addressing water quality, child nutrition, and gender equality. India
12/01/2009 Consultant & Technical Advisor Bassi Pathana Community Collaborative Development Project, Village and School Health Program: Strategic planning with numerous partners in the government and private sector to supplement and improve healthcare services through primary and community health centers. India
10/01/2009 Consultant & Technical Advisor Bassi Pathana Community Collaborative Development Project: Planning and implemantaion of health screening and awareness camps for non-communicable disease in underserved areas of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, India. Designing and implemenation of nutritional survelliance project for communuties of rural Punjab, India. Forging a partnership with the communiteis of rural Punjab to address gender equity. India
05/01/2015 Coordinator Coordinated the development of a new internship site for the Hinckley Institute of Politics, at the University of Utah. First cohort of two interns sucessfully completed a 3 month long internship from May to July 2015 with Mehar Beba Charitiable Trust, as part of the ongoing Bassi Panthana Community Collaborative Development Project, Punjab, India India
01/01/2014 Advisor & Mentor Advisor and Mentor for students enrolled in the Public Health Program at the University of Utah Asia Campus, South Korea. Republic of Korea
01/01/2014 Admissions Officer Member of the Admission Committee for Public Health Program at the University of Utah Asia Campus, South Korea Republic of Korea
11/01/2018 President & Chairman of the Board Global charity (501c3) for a sustainable development in the Himalayas India
04/02/2018 Co-Founder & Executive Board Member Global charity(501c3) for health and development India
01/01/2010 Coordinator & Founder Global Public Health,Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research,Chandigarh, India. Capacity building leadership workshop and other trainings for faculty, public health workers, students and representatives of non govermental agencies. India
01/01/2009 Founder & Coordinator Service to the community, consulting, outreach presentation and industrial presentations, Punjab, India India