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Melissa L. Rethlefsen, MSLS

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments: Family & Preventive Medicine - Adjunct Instructor

Divisions: Family Medicine

Academic Office Information

Research Interests

  • Research Synthesis and Meta-analysis
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Review Literature [Publication Type]
  • Review Literature
  • Peer Review
  • Medicine in Literature
  • Literature
  • Libraries
  • Libraries, Medical
  • Librarians
  • Authorship
  • Bibliometrics
  • Social Media
  • Web-Based Instruction
  • Information Retrieval
  • Information Science
  • Information Services
  • Journalology
  • History of Medicine
  • Search
  • Expert Search
  • How to Search
  • How People Search
  • Search Tools

Education History

Graduate Training University of North Texas School of Library and Information Science
Undergraduate University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
English and History

Selected Publications

  1. Rethlefsen ML, Farrell AM, Osterhaus Trzasko LC, Brigham TJ (2015). Librarian co-authors correlated with higher quality reported search strategies in general internal medicine systematic reviews. J Clin Epidemiol, 68(6), 617-26.
  2. Rethlefsen ML, Murad MH, Livingston EH (2014). Engaging medical librarians to improve the quality of review articles. JAMA, 312(10), 999-1000.
  3. Rethlefsen ML, Livinski AA (2013). Infectious diseases citation patterns: mapping the literature 2008-2010. J Med Libr Assoc, 101(1), 55-62.
  4. Rethlefsen ML, Aldrich AM (2013). Environmental health citation patterns: mapping the literature 2008-2010. J Med Libr Assoc, 101(1), 47-54.
  5. Osterhaus Trzasko LC, Farrell AM, Rethlefsen ML (2012). Converting an intranet site to the cloud: using CampusGuides to refresh a library portal. Med Ref Serv Q, 31(3), 245-57.
  6. Segovis CM, Rethlefsen ML (2011). Social networking savvy. Minn Med, 94(4), 30-2.
  7. Farrell AM, Mayer SH, Rethlefsen ML (2011). Teaching Web 2.0 beyond the library: adventures in social media, the class. Med Ref Serv Q, 30(3), 233-44.
  8. McDonald RJ, Neff KL, Rethlefsen ML, Kallmes DF (2010). Effects of author contribution disclosures and numeric limitations on authorship trends. Mayo Clin Proc, 85(10), 920-7.
  9. Rethlefsen ML, Piorun M, Prince JD (2009). Teaching Web 2.0 technologies using Web 2.0 technologies. J Med Libr Assoc, 97(4), 253-9.
  10. Rethlefsen M, Segovis C (2009). Medicine in the era of Web 2.0. Minn Med, 92(1), 30-3.
  11. Littleton D, Rethlefsen M (2008). Library learning space--empirical research and perspective. Med Ref Serv Q, 27(3), 313-21.
  12. Rethlefsen M, Gajic O, Herasevich V (2008). Stay tuned. Comparison of journal updates tracking using RSS and e-mail technologies. AMIA Annu Symp Proc, 1107.
  13. Rethlefsen ML, Wallis LC (2007). Public health citation patterns: an analysis of the American Journal of Public Health, 2003-2005. J Med Libr Assoc, 95(4), 408-15.
  14. Rethlefsen ML (2007). Citation analysis of Minnesota Department of Health official publications and journal articles: a needs assessment for the RN Barr Library. J Med Libr Assoc, 95(3), 260-6.