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Candace J. Chow, PhD

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Academic Information

Departments: Internal Medicine - Assistant Professor (Lecturer)

Divisions: General Internal Medicine

Academic Office Information

Candace J. Chow is Director of Education Research in the Office of Medical Education, Co-Director of PROMIS2U, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine. Prior to this role, Candace served as Associate Director of Education Research in the Office of Medical Education and was a Research Associate at the Utah Education Policy Center. She has worked on both the center’s educational evaluation and school support/Bridgeworks teams.

Candace completed her postdoctoral training with the Center for Clinical & Translational Science (CCTS) and the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI) at the University of Utah. She earned her Ph.D. in Education from Cornell University and is a 2012 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow. Her postdoctoral work examined how physicians understand their social identities within a context of privilege and oppression, and how these self-perceptions influence the formation of professional identities and physicians’ interactions with patients.

Candace’s doctoral work examined the intersections of race and education and the ways that Asian Americans respond to the discourses that are imposed on them. In her dissertation project, she utilized a mixed-methods approach to explore how Asian American teachers’ identities inform pedagogy and classroom practice. In an earlier project, Candace used Critical Race Theory to examine how Asian American undergraduates respond to racism at their predominantly White university.

Candace has over fifteen years of experience as an educator and has worked in both P-12 and higher education settings. Her teaching experiences include guest lecturing at the University of Utah, instructing Intergroup Dialogue Project courses at Cornell University; serving as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Asian American Studies at Cornell University; teaching high school English in the South Bronx, New York, and Ann Arbor, Michigan; student teaching in non-traditional, portfolio-based high schools in New York City; and serving as lead teacher at a summer enrichment program for elementary school students in New York City’s Chinatown.

Candace also worked with Cornell undergraduates through a number of student services and administrative roles. Most recently, she served as the Interim Assistant Director of Cornell’s Intergroup Dialogue Project ( While serving as an Academic Support Assistant for Cornell’s Learning Strategies Center, Candace managed a scholarship program and created and co-led a workshop on Identity Awareness and Inclusion for peer tutors. Through her role as Assistant Director of the Cornell Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, Candace served as a liaison between Cornell University Asian American alumni and students, identified and recruited mentors for the program, and developed and implemented student programs.

Candace earned a B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University and an M.A. in the Teaching of English from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Education History

Doctoral Training Cornell University
Graduate Training Teachers College, Columbia University
English Education
Undergraduate Cornell University
Human Development

Selected Publications

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