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Shardool Patel, PharmD

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Academic Information

Departments: Internal Medicine - Research Assistant Professor

Divisions: Epidemiology

Academic Office Information

Board Certification

  • Board of Pharmacy Specialties (Sub: Pharmacotherapy)

Selected Publications

  1. Patel S, Pinnell D, Qualls J, Rathod A, Chen W, Boutin S, Woods SD, Kovesdy CP, Tangri N, Sauer BC (2023). Assessing patiromer utilization and associated serum potassium changes in US veterans with prior sodium polystyrene sulfonate exposure. Medicine (Baltimore), 102(9), e33134.
  2. Pinnell D, Patel S, Qualls J, Chen W, Rathod A, Woods SD, Boutin S, Kovesdy CP, Tangri N, Sauer BC (2022). Real-world evaluation of patiromer utilization and its effects on serum potassium in veterans with end stage kidney disease. Medicine (Baltimore), 101(50), e32367.
  3. Patel S, Qualls J, Pinnell D, Rathod A, Chen W, Sauer BC (2022). Justification for initiating patiromer when restricted by prior authorization and clinical guidance in a US health care system. J Manag Care Spec Pharm, 28(12), 1410-1418.
  4. Brown-Taylor L, Beckner A, Scaff KE, Fritz JM, Buys MJ, Patel S, Bayless K, Brooke BS (2021). Relationships between physical therapy intervention and opioid use: A scoping review. [Review]. PM R, 14(7), 837-854.
  5. Brooke BS, Griffin CL, Glotzbach JP, Horns JJ, Patel S, Kraiss LW (2021). Predictors of Adherence to Anti-Impulse Therapy among Patients Treated for Acute Type-B Aortic Dissections. Ann Vasc Surg, 76, 95-103.
  6. Gawron LM, Simonsen S, Millar MM, Lewis-Caporal J, Patel S, Simmons RG (2021). Pregnancy Risk Screening and Counseling for Women Veterans: Piloting the One Key Question in the Veterans Healthcare Administration. South Med J, 114(3), 150-155.
  7. Miller KL, Steffen MJ, McCoy KD, Cannon G, Seaman AT, Anderson ZL, Patel S, Green J, Wardyn S, Solimeo SL (2021). Delivering fracture prevention services to rural US veterans through telemedicine: a process evaluation. Arch Osteoporos, 16(1), 27.
  8. Buys MJ, Bayless K, Romesser J, Anderson Z, Patel S, Zhang C, Presson AP, Brooke BS (2020). Opioid use among veterans undergoing major joint surgery managed by a multidisciplinary transitional pain service. Reg Anesth Pain Med, 45(11), 847-852.
  9. Buys MJ, Bayless K, Romesser J, Anderson Z, Patel S, Zhang C, Presson AP, Beckstrom J, Brooke BS (2020). Multidisciplinary Transitional Pain Service for the Veteran Population. Fed Pract, 37(10), 472-478.
  10. Richter Lagha R, Burningham Z, Sauer BC, Leng J, Peters C, Huynh T, Patel S, Halwani AS, Kramer BJ (2020). Usability Testing a Potentially Inappropriate Medication Dashboard: A Core Component of the Dashboard Development Process. Appl Clin Inform, 11(4), 528-534.
  11. Burningham Z, Chen W, Sauer BC, Richter Lagha R, Hansen J, Huynh T, Patel S, Leng J, Halwani A, Kramer BJ (2019). VA Geriatric Scholars Program's impact on prescribing potentially inappropriate medications. Am J Manag Care, 25(9), 425-430.
  12. Patel S, Carmichael JM, Taylor JM, Bounthavong M, Higgins DT (2017). Evaluating the Impact of a Clinical Decision Support Tool to Reduce Chronic Opioid Dose and Decrease Risk Classification in a Veteran Population. Ann Pharmacother, 52(4), 325-331.
  13. Carmichael JM, Meier J, Robinson A, Taylor J, Higgins DT, Patel S (2017). Leveraging electronic medical record data for population health management in the Veterans Health Administration: Successes and lessons learned. Am J Health Syst Pharm, 74(18), 1447-1459.
  14. Buckley MS, Berry AJ, Kazem NH, Patel SA, Librodo PA (2014). Clinical utility of treprostinil in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension: an evidence-based review. [Review]. Core Evid, 9, 71-80.
  15. Buckley MS, Patel SA, Hattrup AE, Kazem NH, Jacobs SC, Culver MA (2013). Conivaptan for treatment of hyponatremia in neurologic and neurosurgical adults. [Review]. Ann Pharmacother, 47(9), 1194-200.
  16. Buckley MS, Anderson CS, Patel SA, Yerondopoulos MJ, Wicks LM, Martin MT (2013). Apparent lack of cross-reactivity for infusion-related reactions between two forms of lipid-based amphotericin B. Am J Health Syst Pharm, 70(12), 1047-51.
  17. Buckley MS, Kane-Gill SL, Patel SA (2013). Clinical and economic evaluation of an evidence-based institutional epoetin-utilization management program. Clin Ther, 35(3), 294-302.