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Dusti R. Jones, PhD

Languages spoken: English

Academic Information

Departments: Population Health Sciences - Research Instructor

Divisions: Cancer Population Science

Academic Office Information

Education History

Doctoral Training Pennsylvania State University
Biobehavioral Health
Graduate Training Western Washington University
Experimental Psychology
Undergraduate Western Washington University

Selected Publications

  1. Filipkowski KB, Jones DR, Bernstein MJ, Smyth JM (2021). Stress-responses to ostracism: Examining cortisol and affective reactivity to in-person and online exclusion. J Health Psychol, 27(8), 1793-1804.
  2. Johnson JA, Zawadzki MJ, Jones DR, Reichenberger J, Smyth JM (2021). Intra-individual Associations of Perceived Stress, Affective Valence, and Affective Arousal with Momentary Cortisol in a Sample of Working Adults. Ann Behav Med, 56(3), 305-310.
  3. Graham-Engeland J, DeMeo NN, Jones DR, Mathur A, Smyth JM, Sliwinski MJ, McGrady ME, Lipton RB, Katz MJ, Engeland CG (2022). Individuals with both higher recent negative affect and physical pain have higher levels of C-reactive protein. Brain Behav Immun Health, 21, 100431.
  4. Jones DR, Smyth JM, Graham-Engeland JE (2021). Associations between positively valenced affect and health behaviors vary by arousal. Appl Psychol Health Well Being, 14(1), 215-235.
  5. Smyth JM, Jones DR, Wen CKF, Materia FT, Schneider S, Stone A (2021). Influence of ecological momentary assessment study design features on reported willingness to participate and perceptions of potential research studies: an experimental study. BMJ Open, 11(7), e049154.
  6. Jones DR, Allen HK, Lanza ST, Graham-Engeland JE (2020). Daily associations between affect and alcohol use among adults: The importance of affective arousal. Addict Behav, 112, 106623.
  7. Jones DR, Graham-Engeland JE (2020). Positive affect and peripheral inflammatory markers among adults: A narrative review. [Review]. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 123, 104892.
  8. Jones DR, Smyth JM, Engeland CG, Sliwinski MJ, Russell MA, Sin NL, Almeida DM, Graham-Engeland JE (2020). Affect variability and inflammatory markers in midlife adults. Health Psychol, 39(8), 655-666.
  9. Slavish DC, Jones DR, Smyth JM, Engeland CG, Song S, McCormick NM, Graham-Engeland JE (2019). Positive and Negative Affect and Salivary Markers of Inflammation Among Young Adults. Int J Behav Med, 27(3), 282-293.
  10. Marini CM, Martire LM, Jones DR, Zhaoyang R, Buxton OM (2018). Daily Links Between Sleep and Anger Among Spouses of Chronic Pain Patients. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci, 75(5), 927-936.
  11. Jones DR, Lehman BJ, Noriega A, Dinnel DL (2019). The effects of a short-term mindfulness meditation intervention on coping flexibility. Anxiety Stress Coping, 32(4), 347-361.
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  13. Graham-Engeland JE, Sin NL, Smyth JM, Jones DR, Knight EL, Sliwinski MJ, Almeida DM, Katz MJ, Lipton RB, Engeland CG (2018). Negative and positive affect as predictors of inflammation: Timing matters. Brain Behav Immun, 74, 222-230.
  14. Jones DR, Johnson JA, Graham-Engeland JE, Park CL, Smyth JM (2018). Is Perceived Growth Associated with Momentary Indicators of Health and Well-Being in People with Asthma or Rheumatoid Arthritis? Appl Psychol Health Well Being, 10(2), 254-271.