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Oliver J. Harrison

Oliver J. Harrison, PhD

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Biochemistry

Academic Office Information

Education History

Doctoral Training Cambridge University/Babraham Institute
Durham University
BSc (Hons)

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Chen Y, Brasch J, Harrison OJ, Bidone TC (2021). Computational model of E-cadherin clustering under force. Biophysical Journal, 120(22), 4944-4954.
  2. Harrison OJ, Brasch J, Katsamba PS, Ahlsen G, Noble AJ, Dan H, Sampogna RV, Potte CS, Carragher B, Honig B, Shapiro LS (2020). Family-wide structural and biophysical analysis of binding interactions among non-clustered delta-protocadherins. Cell reports, 30(8), 2655-2671.
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  4. Brasch J, Katsamba PS, Harrison OJ, Ahlsn G, Troyanovsky RB, Indra I, Kaczynska A, Kaeser B, Troyanovsky S, Honig B, Shapiro L (2017). Homophilic and Heterophilic Interactions of Type II Cadherins Identify Specificity Groups Underlying Cell-Adhesive Behavior. Cell Rep, 23(6), 1840-1852. (Read full article)
  5. Evangelista F, Roth AJ, Prisayanh P, Temple BR, Li N, Qian Y, Culton DA, Liu Z, Harrison OJ, Brasch J, Honig B, Shapiro L, Diaz LA (2018). Pathogenic IgG4 autoantibodies from endemic pemphigus foliaceus recognize a desmoglein-1 conformational epitope. J Autoimmun, 89, 171-185. (Read full article)
  6. Larsen ISB, Narimatsu Y, Joshi HJ, Siukstaite L, Harrison OJ, Brasch J, Goodman KM, Hansen L, Shapiro L, Honig B, Vakhrushev SY, Clausen H, Halim A (2017). Discovery of an O-mannosylation pathway selectively serving cadherins and protocadherins. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 114(42), 11163-11168. (Read full article)
  7. Larsen ISB, Narimatsu Y, Joshi HJ, Yang Z, Harrison OJ, Brasch J, Shapiro L, Honig B, Vakhrushev SY, Clausen H, Halim A (2017). Mammalian O-mannosylation of cadherins and plexins is independent of protein O-mannosyltransferases 1 and 2. J Biol Chem, 292(27), 11586-11598. (Read full article)
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