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Teresa DeAtley

Teresa DeAtley, PhD

Languages spoken: French, Spanish

Academic Information

Departments Primary - Family & Preventive Medicine

Divisions: Public Health

Teresa (Tess) DeAtley, PhD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Public Health. She is a social and behavioral scientist with expertise in tobacco regulatory science and tobacco-related health disparities. In addition, she explores the impact of smoking on comorbid disease conditions such as mental health and HIV/TB infection. Methodologically, Dr. DeAtley specializes in utilizing mixed method approaches to answer biopsychosocial research questions.

Dr. DeAtley received her bachelor’s degree in public health at the College of William and Mary. She earned her Master of Public Health degree and a Certificate in Global Tobacco Control from Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, and her PhD from Brown University in the Department of Behavioral and Social Health Sciences. Dr. DeAtley was a pre-doctoral fellow for the Population Reference Bureau's U.S. Policy Communication Training Program and the Brown Population Studies and Training Center. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine. Dr. DeAtley has held research positions at the World Health Organization, the Truth Initiative, and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

Education History

Fellowship Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Fellow
Brown University School of Public Health
Certification Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Undergraduate College of William & Mary

Selected Publications

Journal Article

  1. Snell LM, DeAtley T, Tidey JW, Colby SM, Cassidy RN (2023). Impact of reduced nicotine content on behavioral economic measures of cigarette reinforcement in adolescents who smoke cigarettes. Drug Alcohol Depend, 246, 109786. (Read full article)
  2. DeAtley T, Harrison A, Cassidy R, Kuo C, Higgins ST, Tidey JW (2023). Subjective experiences, contexts, and risk perceptions of very low nicotine content cigarettes and electronic cigarettes among people with depression and anxiety disorders who smoke. Drug Alcohol Depend, 244, 109767. (Read full article)
  3. DeAtley TE, Cassidy R, Snell ML, Colby SM, Tidey JW (2022). Effects of Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarette use on Cigarette Reinforcement among Smokers with Serious Mental Illness. Addict Behav, 133, 107376. (Read full article)
  4. Stone MD, DeAtley T, Pianin S, Strasser AA, Audrain-McGovern J (2022). Switching from cigarettes to IQOS: A pilot examination of IQOS-associated reward, reinforcement, and abstinence relief. Drug Alcohol Depend, 238, 109569. (Read full article)
  5. DeAtley T, Stone MD, Strasser AA, Audrain-McGovern J (2022). The role of IQOS risk perceptions on cigarette smoking behaviours: results from a prospective pilot study. Tob Control. (Read full article)
  6. DeAtley T, Hamada Y, Baddeley A, Werner P, Kanchar A, Zignol M, Rangaka MX (2022). TB preventive treatment among pregnant women with HIV. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis, 26(8), 727-732. (Read full article)
  7. DeAtley T, Harrison A, Mtukushe B, Maughan-Brown B, Muloiwa R, Hoare J, Galrraga O, Kuo C (2022). Conditional Economic Incentives for HIV Treatment Adherence: Aligning Adolescent Developmental Hallmarks with Behavioral Economic Theory to Improve HIV Treatment Adherence. AIDS Patient Care STDS, 36(7), 272-277. (Read full article)
  8. DeAtley T, Sokolovsky AW, Snell ML, Tidey J (2022). Mediational pathways of tobacco use among adult daily smokers with psychiatric symptoms in the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) survey. Addict Behav, 129, 107249. (Read full article)
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