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While you are with the University of Utah, we want to ensure you are well supported, your questions are answered, and staff treats you and your family with the utmost respect and best possible care they can provide.

Staff will offer and assist you with every aspect of your delivery and arrangements.

Services we offer: Photography, mementos, cooling beds, and peer-to-peer support through Share Parents of Utah, are all available. If you have another request that is not listed, please ask staff, and we will accommodate as best we can. We also cover the cost of cremation and an autopsy, if you choose to have either of these done. Please click here for further details and resources. 

Experiencing the loss of your baby: For a brief summary of what to expect after delivery, how men and woman may cope differently, and some coping techniques to try during this difficult time, please click here.

Community Support

Non-Profit Groups

Share Parents of Utah is a wonderful local program that offers support during and after a loss of a baby. They have support groups, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising opportunities you can participate in. For more information, please click here

Star Legacy is a national program that offers in-person support, online support groups, and provides research opportunities. They hold a conference in Minnesota every two years, where they bring bereaved parents with lead researchers in the field together to discuss stillbirth causes, prevention, and support. Currently, the University of Utah would like to start a Utah chapter, but need more people to help support it. If you are interested please reach out to, or email Star Legacy directly at For more information on all of their resources, please click here.

The International Stillbirth Alliance (ISA) Conference is a unique opportunity to bring both researchers and parents together to discuss Stillbirth research, prevention, and support. They hold a conference every year and are now offering online streaming of the talks to better reach interested parties. For more information on their goals and program, please click here

 Other Support

We offer a variety of support groups through the University of Utah and Primary Children's hospital. For more information on dates and locations, please call 801-585-9922.

Birth Injury Center's Mission is to assist and support families that have been affected by a birth injury. Their website offers information and resources on the different types of injuries. 


Memorial Service

Each September the University holds a memorial service that families and friends are welcome to attend. The service is held at Mount Olivet Cemetery.

If you would like to attend please call (801)595-9441, leave a message with your name, address, phone number, and the date your child passed. They will send you an invitation in the mail to let you know the details.

Consults with Specialized Physicians

If you would like an in depth review of your Stillbirth, or if you are suffering with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, you can meet with one of our experienced physicians. They will review your obstetric history, can complete a workup, and provide you with some advice for future pregnancies if applicable.

To schedule a Consult Call: 801-585-9522