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Headshot of resident smiling

Alexis Doyle, MD

  • About Me

    If I weren’t an OB/GYN…

    I would be a running coach, veterinarian, or a journalist.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Reproductive health policy, patient education and empowerment, reproductive justice, medical education, substance use in pregnancy, medical ethics and humanities, global health, pediatric and adolescent gynecology.

    Interests & Hobbies

    Trail running, hiking, cycling, swimming, dogs, reading, writing, and spending time with loved ones.

    Why Utah?

    Several aspects of Utah’s residency program made it really stand out to me. First, in a time when reproductive rights and health care are increasingly legally threatened in the United States, I was drawn to Utah for the opportunity to advocate for full scope reproductive health care in my clinical practice, advocacy efforts, and research.  Additionally, Utah has an explicit commitment to working with underserved populations--both within Salt Lake City and with patients living in rural contexts throughout Utah and many surrounding states who come to Utah for their medical care. Furthermore, the surgical training opportunities at the residency program are superb, as well as the opportunities to learn from and partner with our phenomenal midwife and nurse colleagues to honor patient values in practicing evidence-based obstetric care.

    Perhaps most importantly, I was blown away by the people I met here. I was inspired by how the residents and faculty spoke about the culture and about the other people that make this program special, including midwives, nurses, and administrators. I was moved by how deeply and how well people care about each other here, how they move through difficult moments together, and how much they laugh. Being a part of this community I believe will help me grow into the type of compassionate, conscientious, competent, and humble doctor I hope to be.


    Los Altos, CA