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Katie Casper, MD

  • About Me

    About Me

    If I weren’t an OBGYN, I’d be a professional food blogger. I love trying new foods!

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Rural Medicine, Family Planning, Patient Education

    Interests & Hobbies

    I enjoy cooking and trying new foods. I love spending time relaxing with husband and cat. I am newly obsessed with the Peloton and their barre classes. In the warmer months, I enjoy watersports and spending time on the water.

    Why Utah?

    There are so many aspects that drew me to Utah! First (and most importantly), the residents. The close bond and relationships that the residents had was obvious, even in the virtual interview season. How the program worked to support these relationships through Intern Friday, wellness events and the resident retreat was really important to me. After attending medical school and doing most of my clerkships in rural communities, I was really drawn to the patient population that Utah cared for. Not only does Utah care of all the patients in their own state, but also the surrounding states with less healthcare resources. This also means that we see really interesting and complex cases, but also have exposure to incredible volume for both obstetrics and gynecology. The rural rotation in Blanding, UT was a huge perk for me, as an opportunity to provide care again in a rural community.


    Boise, ID