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Kiera Sibbald, MD

Academic Office Information

  • About Me


    About Me

    If I weren’t an OBGYN, I’d be A baker! A retirement dream of mine is to work for King Arthur Baking Company in Vermont and spend my days baking tasty breads and pastries in the morning, then taking a luxurious nap every afternoon. I’ve always been an early riser which lends itself well to both baking and OB/Gyn residency (though my love of naps does not)!


    Medical Areas of Interest

    Gynecologic oncology, cancer therapeutics, health equity and advocacy, LGBTQ+ health, medical education


    Interests & Hobbies

    Running (slowly) on roads and trails but never treadmills. Hiking (slowly) with friends and dogs but never enough sunscreen. Talking too much and laughing too loud over brunch foods at any time of day.


    Why Utah?

    Utah was a dream for me because it truly is a program that has it all: exceptional clinical training, robust exposure to all fields of OB/Gyn with the breadth, volume and resources to prepare both excellent generalists and fellowship candidates, and some of the warmest, kindest, and most genuinely supportive faculty and residents I met anywhere along the interview trail. Even with virtual interviews the Utah OB/Gyn residency truly seemed like a family that would support me to thrive in residency and have some fun along the way!



    Victoria, BC