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Madison Kieffer, PGY1 Resident of OBGYN

Madison Kieffer, MD

  • About Me

    If I weren’t an OB/GYN… 

    I'd run a coffee shop/bookstore by day that's a restaurant with live music at night. I think Rose Establishment meets King's English meets SLC Eatery with a band.


    Medical Areas of Interest

    Minimally invasive gyn surgery, gynecology oncology, and family planning.

    Interests & Hobbies

    My one true hobby is trying new hobbies - right now I'm enjoying cooking, knitting, and paddleboarding. We'll see if four more years in Utah can turn me into a biker!


    Why Utah?

    Everyone says it, but the people here really make it hard to want to leave! I knew that staying here would mean getting exceptional training in a supportive environment, and the location is really tough to beat. 



    Midway, UT