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Maryam Zeinomar, MD

  • About Me

    About Me

    It’s hard to imagine myself as anything other than an OBGYN, but if I had to choose, I would have loved to pursue a career in public health, health policy, or social work. I secretly also dream of being a skincare influencer or plant shop/teahouse owner.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Maternal Fetal Medicine, Family Planning, Refugee and Immigrant Health, Diversity and Inclusion in Medicine

    Interests & Hobbies

    Gardening, cooking, writing, crochet, hiking, spending time with my family and running after my 5 nieces and nephews.

    Why Utah?

    On my interview day, I was blown away by the kindness and support from everyone that I met. I was drawn to Utah initially for its strong surgical training and exposure to high-risk obstetrics, but decided I loved it when I met the people. Also, the location is truly unbeatable, and I cannot wait to explore all the beautiful national parks and mountains Utah has to offer!


    Panama City, FL