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Minnie Laury, PGY1 Resident, OBGYN

Minnie Laury, MD

  • About Me

    If I weren’t an OB/GYN...

    I'd be a high school teacher and coach track (what I did before medical school!)


    Medical Areas of Interest

    General OB/GYN, possibly a more surgically-based subspecialty, MedEd, and inequities in healthcare.


    Interests & Hobbies

    Running, hiking, biking to the hospital, skiing, soccer, eating delicious food.


    Why Utah?

    The fun, supportive, tight-knit culture of the residency coupled with the exceptional strength of both obstetric and gynecologic training made Utah my dream program. A huge bonus for me was moving back to my hometown, but I would have chosen this program even if my family had moved away (don't tell my parents!) Salt Lake City is an amazing place to live - we have skiing, hiking, outdoor activities in general, and yes, restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries too! 



    Salt Lake City, UT