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Paulina Devlin, MD

Academic Office Information

  • About Me

    About Me

    If I weren't an OBGYN, I'd be a ballet director! I love the creativity, teamwork, and physicality of dancing. Performing is such a joy, and I also love teaching ballet.


    Medical Areas of Interest

    Maternal fetal medicine and medical education.


    Interests & Hobbies 

    I stay active through dancing ballet. I enjoy hiking and backpacking. My favorite places that I’ve visited include Lake Superior, Yosemite, and Denali, and I can’t wait to add some Utah parks to that list. At home, I love a good board game night. My partner and I also enjoy cooking and hosting family and friends.


    Why Utah? 

    I applied because I heard about Utah’s reputation for excellent clinical experience and research opportunities. Every part of the interview day felt fantastic. I had engaging and exciting conversations with everyone, from interns to program leadership.



    Brighton, Michigan