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Ruba Akel, MD

  • About Me

    About Me

    If I weren’t an OBGYN, I’d be, a neonatologist.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Fetal cardiac anomalies and arrhythmias, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Gyn/Onc

    Interests & Hobbies

    I love spending time outdoors. My favorite activities are hiking, biking, swimming, and kayaking. Some of my favorite spots that I've hiked so far have been in Joshua Tree, Yosemite and the Diamond Dead Trail and Akaka Falls Trail in Hawaii. I love to read books and plays, and watch movies and television. My favorite book is The Handmaid's Tale, my favorite play is Long Day's Journey into Night, and my favorite movie is The Way We Were. I love to bake! My current favorite recipe to make is a coconut cake and chocolate peanut butter bars.

    Why Utah?

    I was drawn to the program at the University of Utah because of the opportunity for academic and community-based training, their commitment to DEI, and their commitment to resident wellness. Their team of residents and faculty were so welcoming and supportive, and I knew I wanted to join their close-knit community. Also Salt Lake City can’t be beat! It’s such a cool city and is in the heart of all the incredible hiking and skiing and the beautiful national parks in Utah.


    San Diego, CA