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Cristi Creal, RN, BSN, DNP

Cristi Creal is an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah-College of Nursing. In May of 2022, Cristi earned a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, specializing in Nurse-Midwifery, and a Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education from the University of Utah. She is passionate about doing all that she can to help correct race-based health disparities, especially for birthing people of color. In part of completion of her doctorate degree, Cristi launched a quality improvement project entitled, Improving Provider Comfort in Discussing Race-Based Health Disparities in Pregnant and Birthing People. Throughout her DNP program, Cristi worked as a graduate research assistant for BirthCare HealthCare, a midwifery practice primarily located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before graduate school, Cristi worked as a labor and delivery nurse for over eight years.