EMG data from an alpine skier for project Analysis of Electromyographic, Goniometric, and Force Plate Data in Skiers, Snowboarders and Speed Skaters.

The faculty of physical medicine and rehabilitation is participating in several research projects designed to improve fitness and function, prevent sport injuries, reduce pain, and improve medical techniques. Research projects are active at the University of Utah Medical Center, Primary Children’s Hospital, University Orthopaedic Center, and the Veterans Administration Medical Center. Faculty collaborates with various departments locally within the School of Medicine, College of Health, College of Engineering, and Biomedical Informatics, as well as medical centers nationally to design and conduct research activities. Residents have the opportunity to collaborate with faculty to conduct their own research projects and present findings at local and national meetings.

Faculty Research Interests

Muscle Spasticity Management

Steven R. Edgley, MD Allison Oki, MD Michael Green, DO

Traumatic Brain Injury

Colby Hansen, MD Michael Green, DO Justin MacKenzie, PhD
Toni Roberts, DO Teresa L Such-Neibar, DO John Speed, MBBS
Jeremy Davis, PsyD

Spinal Cord Injury

Michael Green, DO Justin MacKenzie, PhD Katarina L Waters, DNP,
Jeffrey Rosenbluth, MD

Rehabilitation Psychology

Justin MacKenzie, PhD

Amputee Rehabilitation

Colby Hansen, MD Toni Roberts, DO

Sports Medicine & Sports Sciences

Stuart E Willick, MD Michael Henrie, DO

Musculoskeletal/Spine Rehabilitation

Pam Hansen
Richard Kendall, DO Mike Henrie, DO

Cancer Rehabilitation & Wellness

Pam Hansen

Stroke Rehabilitation

Steven R. Edgley, MD

Somatoform Disorders

John Speed, MBBS Jeremy Davis, PsyD
Justin MacKenzie, PhD Jeremy Davis, PsyD

Research Volunteers

PM&R is always looking for volunteers to assist with our pre-clinical and clinical research.  Please complete a brief questionnaire about your research interests. We will contact you soon regarding available projects.Click Here to Volunteer


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