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Alex Gallaer, MD (He/Him)

  • About Me

    I’m from a small town in Connecticut and grew up playing football, lacrosse, and just about every other team sport you can imagine. Even though I’ve wanted to become a doctor for as long as I can remember, I was first exposed to Emergency Medicine while working summers at an island medical center off the coast of New England. It was an immediate fit. I feel at home in the team-based, fast-paced, controlled chaos of the ED, and I’m beyond fortunate to join the University of Utah program for my training!

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Wilderness, EMS/Disaster, Global Health, Ultrasound

    Interests & Hobbies

    Pretty much anything relating to getting outside or cooking (hopefully) good food! Hiking, camping, snowboarding, football (lets go Jets!), mountain biking, smoking meats, road tripping, homemade sushi, and baking bread have all caught my attention so far, although I’m always happy to try something new!

    Why Utah?

    Having been to Salt Lake City multiple times, I knew it was the kind of place that I’ve always dreamed of living. What really sold me though, was how happy all of the residents were on my interview day and how seemingly endless the unique training opportunities are with the enormous catchment radius, dual academic/community setting, and proximity to some of the most varied outdoor terrain in the country. I think the U will train me to be an outstanding EM doc, and I’m stoked for the chance to explore this beautiful place in the meanwhile!


    Easton, CT

  • Education history

    Undergraduate University of Connecticut B.S.
    Professional Medical University of Connecticut M.D.