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Christina Gibbs, MD (She/Her)

  • About Me

    I grew up in a rural underserved mining community in North Idaho and, after five years and four degree changes, graduated with a degree that I was proud of, only to then decide I didn't want to be an engineer. Wildland firefighter? Sorority girl? Waitress? Scribe? Bioengineer? Phone Solicitor? CNA? I’ve been all of those and more and couldn’t be prouder to add EM Resident at the University of Utah to that list.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Women’s Health, Ultrasound, Prehospital medicine.

    Interests & Hobbies

    Hanging out with my family (especially my grandparents), thrifting, drinking coffee, sharing laughs with others, and, of course, exploring the outdoors.

    My Dog Jasper

    Why Utah?

    A supportive program with training that I can take to small community hospitals in the Rocky Mountains while being close to family.


    Kellogg, Idaho

  • Education history

    Undergraduate University of Idaho B.S.
    Professional Medical University of Washington M.D.