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Ellie Gilbertson, MD (She/Her)

  • About Me

    Coloradoan turned Utahn; a worshipper of mountains who plays best on skis; a lover of speed, sparkles on snow, and the golden hour; a marginal but hopeful mountain biker. I hug with both arms, love blue, cannot cook, and use the word 'favorite' way too much. I have medical roots in EMS and the ED is my happy place; I originally entered medicine to pursue underserved/global medicine and foresee this continuing to be part of my career.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Global health, wilderness/austere medicine, sports medicine? I love everything. It's a recurrent problem

    Interests & Hobbies

    Ski touring, alpine skiing, mountain biking, trail running, adventuring with my dog Huck, being in important wild places with people I love. I also do a lot of writing, speak Spanish, and am on a never-ending quest to not kill the vegetables in my garden... check back on that in the fall

    My Dog Huck
    My Cat Kevin

    Why Utah?

    I came here from Colorado thinking I'd just stay for medical school, but after skiing 11/12 months my first year here I quickly realized I might have been wrong. The talented, invested, and hardworking faculty, awesome orthopedic trauma exposure, huge catchment area and alumni network ultimately sold me on staying. We keep our patients at the center of our care, our coworkers close, and our relationships with the outdoors alive. I am so grateful and proud to be part of this team and I can't imagine being happier anywhere else.


    Buckeye, Colorado

  • Education history

    Undergraduate Colorado College B.A.
    Professional Medical University of Utah M.D.