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Ethan Grant, MD (He/Him)

  • About Me

    I was born and raised in rural West Texas! I grew up loving the outdoors and took the first chance I had to go to the mountains. Medicine has fascinated since I was young, but scribing in an emergency department gave me an appreciation for the real impact ER docs can have on their patients lives. I was always drawn to the undifferentiated patient, and the pace, procedures, and results are what solidified my decision to pursue EM. 

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Wilderness medicine, critical care, toxicology.

    Interests & Hobbies

    Literally anything outdoors! Hiking, diving, hunting, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing… you name it! The things that consume most of my time outside work these days, however, are mountain biking, skiing, and hunting.

    My Dog Cardhu

    My Cats Hela and Roquefort

    Why Utah?

    I had never been to Salt Lake City until after I had the chance to interview with the program. The interview day blew me away and I was impressed with the friendly faculty and welcoming residents. I wanted to train somewhere that would prepare me to work in any setting, but especially to treat the kinds of pathologies that can only be found in a setting like Utah. After visiting the program, I knew I had to train here!


    San Angelo, Texas

  • Education history

    Undergraduate Colorado Christian University B.S.
    Professional Medical Texas Tech University M.D.