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Felix Braun, MD (He/Him)

  • About Me

    I was born in Davos, Switzerland, and in the first ten years of my life my family moved across the Atlantic Ocean 3 times. After stints in California, Germany, and Canada, my parents finally settled in Madison, WI, where I attended middle and high school. The mountains called me to Colorado College for my undergraduate degree. I studied molecular and cellular biology, and then proceeded to take 4 years before entering medical school at the University of Wisconsin. During this time, my pursuits included various research positions, working as a phlebotomist for the Red Cross, and making wine in Napa Valley.

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Many! But perhaps the most prominent include Critical Care, Wilderness Medicine, and Ultrasound.

    Interests & Hobbies

    I will gladly do just about anything outdoors, and some of my favorite activities include skiing, mountain biking, and hiking. When I’m not at the hospital or out in the mountains, you can find me in the driveway working on our camper van. I enjoy coaching and mentoring others, especially in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

    Why Utah?

    After interview season, Utah stood out not only for its prime location, but also for the obvious camaraderie of the residents and faculty, the strength and variety of the training sites, and the plentiful opportunities available post-residency.


    Davos, Switzerland

  • Education history

    Undergraduate Colorado College B.S.
    Professional Medical University of Wisconsin M.D.