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Lindsey Fell, MD

When I was young, I was pretty sure that I wanted to be a ski patroller and a doctor (please see Rolling Hills Elementary Yearbook, 3rd ed., 1998). Life's travels, however, brought me first to Washington state and Germany in hot pursuit of German literature. Afterwards, I found myself in outdoor education and breadmaking. It was in the Tetons that I finally decided to give ski patrol a try - loved it - and then after time spent in the world of snow and avalanches, I decided the time was ripe to pursue medicine, and the emergency department was where I found my medical nirvana.


Medical Areas of Interest

Wilderness/Austere Medicine, Rural EM, EMS, Global Health


Interests and Hobbies

​Climbing, any kind of rambling adventure, making food, reading, plants, and sharing all these things with loved ones.

My Dogs Jua and Konu