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Maiya Smith, MD (She/Her)

  • About Me

    I was born in NY, lived in Tokyo until 1st grade then moved to my favorite place in the world, Hawaii. I decided to move across the country for college to Emory University where I majored in Anthropology and Human Biology. I saw an email for an EMT course and thought it sounded cool and ended up being an EMT in Atlanta for three years. I loved everything about the people I worked with, how fast paced it was, and how I got to work with patients in some of their most vulnerable moments. This background was the reason I decided on Emergency Medicine!

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Telehealth, Pain management, Global Health, Wilderness Medicine

    Interests & Hobbies

    I surf a lot, but I can’t do that in Utah so I’m switching to snowboarding! I’m also very into running long distances, triathlons, scuba diving, traveling (my favorite place has been Palau!), lifting, and hiking with my 2 jack russell terriers. Indoors, I also enjoy cooking new vegan recipes and picking up new hobbies every 3-4 months including macrame, resin art, and raising butterflies.

    My Dog Kona

    Why Utah?

    Being a classic EM stereotype I knew that Utah would be an incredible place to live and love my life during residency. During my interview, it was so obvious how happy the residents were and how much they all cared for each other. My friends also describe me as a golden retriever because I have a pretty high stoke level and I got the sense that my personality would vibe well at Utah. With an academic center and community hospital coupled with the huge catchment area, I know I’m going to come out of Utah (& in 3 years!) both as a happy and strong physician.


    Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Education history

    Undergraduate Emory University B.A.
    Professional Medical University of Hawaii M.D.