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Rachel Brehm, MD (She/Her)

  • About Me

    Raised in Southwest Missouri, with lakes abundant, I grew up on the water, skiing constantly. I did undergrad at the UofArkansas and got a degree in Mathematics, which I promptly ignored and went into tech/business. Working as a consultant in medical software, I spent several years traveling the states for work and internationally for pleasure, working out that itch to "see the world while I'm young!" Well, spoiler alert, that itch never goes away, but it does become balanced by an appreciation for consistency. I stepped down from consulting and moved to Utah to "be a ski bum for a season" before "getting my MBA."  Spoiler alert #2, I do not have an MBA. In those glorious, low-responsibility years, I barista'd, ski patrolled and confirmed my suspicion I could never again live in a high humidity state. I also finally succumbed to my lifelong urge to apply to medical school. The rest is history! 

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Primarily becoming an excellent doctor. Additionally MedEd & Rural Medicine.

    Interests & Hobbies

    The usual roundup of outdoor activities! Legs, wheels, boards, too much carbon fiber. I will always say YES to that climb/ride/tour, but I will never turn down a good conversation in an unhurried moment. I love reading old novels, spinning off new recipes, nerding out on podcasts about sociology and philosophy. 

    Why Utah?

    Awesome training, wonderful wonderful woooonderful people, proximity to activities that bring me joy, and DAYS OF SUNLIGHT! 


    Bentonville, Arkansas

  • Education history

    Undergraduate University of Arkansas B.S.
    Professional Medical University of Oklahoma M.D.