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Raelyn Lorson, MD (She/Her)

  • About Me

    Born and raised on a farm near a small town in Kansas, I grew up making everything a competition with my two brothers. My love of being in the mountains arose during my family’s annual skiing trip to Colorado and I vowed as a kid to live near the mountains some day. After working with a local doctor near my hometown, I decided to leave the farm work to my twin brother and pursue medicine. I chose EM for the opportunity to serve a diverse population of patients, the variety of pathology, and the awesome folks who work in the emergency department. After living as a flatlander for 26 years in Kansas, I decided it was time for a change in elevation. My partner, our doggo, and I are excited to make Utah our next adventure!

    Medical Areas of Interest

    EMS, Global Health, Wilderness/Austere Medicine

    Interests & Hobbies

    I enjoy anything that will get me closer to nature: Hiking, road/mountain biking, and sitting around a campfire with good friends and good drinks. I was introduced to rock climbing during medical school, loved it, and somehow managed to find some rocks to climb in Kansas. I’m always down to play any and every sport, travel to new places with my partner, drink as much espresso and coffee as possible, become best friends with any doggo I meet, and dabble in decorating cakes.

    My Dog Zoey

    Why Utah?

    During my interview day, I felt only good vibes talking with the faculty, staff, and residents. They made me feel welcomed virtually, which is difficult to do. I knew this would be the place where I’d get quality clinical training for my future, while being a part of the awesome crew in Utah. In addition to the people, I liked having both an academic experience at the U and a solid community site at IMC, fellowships in all of the areas I was interested in, and having access to the outdoors to stay sane during residency.


    Hope, Kansas

  • Education history

    Undergraduate Kansas State University B.A.
    Professional Medical University of Kansas School of Medicine M.D.