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Scott Berndt, MD

  • About Me

    My dad was in the Army and after spending my early years bouncing around the world we settled down in Kansas City where we became devout Chiefs fans. I pretty much knew since I was little that I wanted to be a doctor (I actually bet my older brother $20 when I was like 10 that I would become one), and yet I still pursued a degree in Economics. I guess I wanted to be different. Anyways, during medical school I fell in love with EM because of the incredible teamwork and patient/disease variety I saw each time I stepped into an ED. And now with the love and support of my mom, dad, friends and family I am beyond excited to join this incredible specialty while training at the University of Utah!

    Medical Areas of Interest

    Ultrasound, Global Health, Healthcare Economics

    Interests & Hobbies

    Anything active from most sports (but particularly soccer) to snowboarding and weightlifting. If I have time off, I am big on road-trips and when I’m feeling less motivated I like pretty much any HBO show. Oh and I’m also trying to learn Spanish!

    Why Utah?

    I choose Utah for so many reasons. Many programs on the trail offered excellent training, but Utah climbed to the number one spot for its balance. Utah offered top-notch training, an enthusiastic and close-knit group of residents, and an incredible location. I was also very drawn to the opportunity to train in both an excellent academic center and a large busy community hospital (IMC). A few cherries on top were Utah’s approach to orthopedics (we work at an ortho clinic at the bottom of a ski resort waiting to reduce, cast, etc), two electives with support for global health, and a whole host of potential fellowship opportunities.


    Kansas City, Missouri

  • Education history

    Undergraduate Missouri State University B.A.
    Professional Medical University of Missouri School of Medicine M.D.