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Ariel Malan

Ariel Malan

Academic Office Information

About Me

Ariel Malan is a health equity consultant, community organizer and activist, and queer educator. She earned a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from University of Utah in 2018. For over a decade, Ariel's passion and expertise has been working with LGBTQ+ communities through advocacy, education, and research. She currently serves as Outreach Network and Development Specialist for the University of Utah Transgender Health Program and provides education and training on LGBTQ+ health equity topics.

In her role with the University, she leads several system wide initiatives targeted at improving LGBTQ+ inclusivity in healthcare settings. Ariel has been instrumental in helping build the University of Utah’s multi-disciplinary transgender health program, which spans across 8 specialties of care, from establishing community engagement pathways and workforce education to better serve gender diverse people. She is a 2021 Utah Business Living Color award honoree and has been featured on a variety of podcasts, panel events, and radio shows on the future of transgender health and LGBTQ+ advocacy.