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James A. Bush Memorial Research Award

Sponsor: Dean’s Office

Presentation includes:  Plaque and $500

The award honors a medical student(s) who has made and presented the most original and thoughtful contribution to research.  A major portion of the investigation must have been provided by the student(s) while enrolled in the School of Medicine. 

Nomination and Selection Process:  (Students with a PhD or a comparable degree are not eligible.)

Students submit a single-spaced, word-processed manuscript (no more than 8 pages) in PDF format to  The faculty [research] sponsor needs to also submit a statement—in the same format and to the same individual—documenting the submitted research report was predominantly the students’ effort without significant editing by the faculty sponsor.  A committee of research faculty select the award’s recipient based on the student(s)’ manuscript. 


This award is named in memory of Dr. James A. Bush, a fellow in Internal Medicine and dedicated to research, whom was killed in an airplane accident in 1955 on his return from presenting a paper before the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The James A. Bush Memorial Research Award was established to encourage and acknowledge medical students with that same dedication, and it is to the student(s) whom made the most original and thoughtful contribution to research.

Past Recipients:

2021 Federica Sternini Brecha
2019 Ryan Shane Hirschi
2018 Kyra N. McComes
2017 Kara A. Applegate
2015 Timothy Corbett Michaelis
2014 Amiko Mae Uchida
2013 Jillian Wahmei Wong Millsop
2012 Robert Earl Beck
2011 Natalie Mackintosh
2009 Aaron P. Brown
2008 Matthew S. Ward
2005 Marielle Payne
2004 Matthew R. Donaldson
2003 Richard Gurgel
2003 Ryan Thompson
2002 Matthew Hollifield
2001 Steven Gregory Sugden
2000 Steven Gregory Sugden
1998 Benjamin Brooke
1998 Christopher Neuman Petty
1997 David Andrew Stevenson
1996 James C. Pingree
1996 Phillip Martin Steele
1995 Donald Scott Harper
1992 Phillip Alexander Williams
1991 Renee Smith Lauritzen
1990 Phillip Alexander Williams
1989 Timothy Robert La Pine
1987 David Ron Anderson
1985 Ted M. Dawson