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Elizabeth Fuhriman Gardner Prize for The Outstanding Woman Student in the Health Sciences

Sponsor: Family and Friends of Elizabeth (Libby) Gardner

Presentation includes:  Inscribed Award and $4,500

The award honors an outstanding woman in the Health Sciences that exemplifies a broad breadth of interest and dedication to excellence in both their personal and professional life.  The recipient’s service to the community and university, personal integrity, leadership skills, and academic performance is taken into consideration.  

Nomination and Selection Process:

Students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to nominate a recipient by completing the Nomination Packet.  In addition to a Nomination Form, the packet requires a Letter of Nomination, and the nominee’s resume and personal statement.  The Deans of Dentistry, Health, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy will select one student nominee from their respective college/school to be interviewed by the selection committee.


Elizabeth (Libby) Fuhriman Gardner possessed a quiet inner strength and dignity, uncommon grace and graciousness, and an exceptional ability to deal with the demanding realities of life while retaining a firm sense of self and family.  Her family life was one of devotion to and partnership with her husband, David, and four daughters.  She brought a consistent commitment and a thoughtful, constructive influence to her public responsibilities.  As First Lady of the University of Utah from 1973 to 1983, she became a strong advocate for and an effective ambassador of the University throughout Utah, the nation and the world.  Expressing her belief and confidence in education, young people and, especially, women students, she contributed significantly to the advancement of the University and its mission.  Libby was a health sciences graduate in the field of dental hygiene, graduating from the University of California at San Francisco in 1958.  It is hoped that the Elizabeth Fuhriman Gardner Prize, an annual award established by her many friends and members of her family to honor Outstanding Women Students in the Health Sciences, shall perpetually pay respect to her, her love for this University and all the good she has done here.

Below you will find the School of Medicine’s award recipients.  The recipient’s name is also added to a perpetual plaque hanging in the offices of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences.

Past Recipients:

2019 Simranvir Kaur
2018 Dallas Shujing Shi
2014 Meghan May Cirulis
2012 Elise Michelle Mecham
2008 Nicole Wilde
2007 Tamara Pascoe
2005 Alison Nicole Schiffern
1999 Rene C. Hunter
1997 Jennifer White Boyden
1995 Celia W. Blackburn
1994 Laura D. Davenport