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The Leonard W. Jarcho, MD, Distinguished Teaching Award

Sponsors: Family and friends of Dr. Leonard W. Jarcho

Presentation includes:  Plaque and $3,000

The award honors a faculty member who recognizes teaching is their most important responsibility.  This outstanding medical educator demonstrates exceptional skill and dedication in teaching and advising medical students, interns, residents or fellows. 

Nomination and Selection Process:  (Past recipients are not eligible for the award again.)  

Medical students and/or faculty need to submit the name of a faculty member they have worked with who embodies the characteristics noted above, and a two- to three-paragraph letter describing their nominee’s contributions to medical education and advising.  Nominations need to be submitted to Sierra Canela (  The Dean of Student Affairs and past recipients of the award assist the Jarcho brothers in their selection of a recipient.

Past Recipients: 

2022 Megan Fix, M.D.
2021 Gretchen A. Case, Ph.D.
2020 Karly Ann Pippitt, M.D.
2019 Brian P. Good, M.D.
2018 Martin C. Gregory, M.D., Ph.D.
2017 Donald L. Granger, M.D.
2016 Janet E. Lindsley, Ph.D.
2015 Amalia Cochran, M.D.
2014 Caroline Milne, M.D.
2013 David A. Morton, Ph.D.
2012 Timothy G. Formosa, M.D.
2011 Adam Stevenson, M.D.
2010 David Renner, M.D.
2009 Frederic Clayton, M.D.
2008 Kirtly Parker Jones, M.D.
2007 Grant W. Cannon, M.D.
2006 Marc. E. Babitz, M.D.
2005 Michael J. Battistone, M.D.
2004 Suzanne S. Stensaas, Ph.D.
2003 Lynn Jorde, Ph.D.
2002 Barry M. Stults, M.D.
2001 Zell McGee, M.D.
2000 Edward Klatt, M.D.