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Cameron C. Lewis, MD, Compassion in Medicine Award

Sponsor:  Dr. Cameron Lewis’ family

Presentation includes:  Plaque and $1,000

This award recognizes a graduating medical student who has demonstrated a combination of community concern and, most importantly, exceptional compassion in medicine.

Nomination and Selection Process:

Submit the name of a medical student whom you think embodies the characteristics noted above, and a one- to two-paragraph summary supporting your nomination.  The Dean’s Office then forwards a vetted list of the nominees and their MSPE’s Unique Characteristics to the award’s sponsor for selection.


This award was established in memory of Dr. Cameron Lewis, who exemplified the ideal of compassionate medicine. In addition to residency as a Pathologist, Dr. Lewis was also the assistant director at the blood bank and participated in many outreach programs. Dr. Lewis was known by peers and friends as an incredibly caring physician before she tragically passed on during her second year in residency. Even through death, she managed to care for others; she donated her heart so that another could live.

The Cameron C. Lewis, M.D., Compassion in Medicine Award is presented to the senior medical student(s) that have demonstrated a combination of community concern and most importantly, exceptional compassion.

Past Recipients:

2022 Jake Harris
2021 Elaine Jeanette Taylor
2020 Ashley Allen, B.S.N.
2020 Ali A. Etman
2020 Bryan Grover
2020 Carson J. Mills, M.S.
2019 Jorgen Peter Madsen
2018 Surabhi Kasera
2018 Benz Gulati Pimaskul
2018 Katelyn Powell Steele
2017 Dawn Alexandra Miller
2016 Kasinda Leslie Goodwin
2015 Dustin Blair Nash
2015 Kyle Anthony Patton
2014 German Laurence Ellsworth
2014 Andrew Lee Jones
2013 Aubrey Chi Ho Chan
2012 Brian Craig Stagg
2011 Cassie Lynn Whittier
2010 Pete Lynn Pelletier
2010 Judy Vu
2009 Stephen Squires
2008 Becky Kroll
2007 Matthew Spencer