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Outstanding Clinical Staff Award

Sponsor: Graduating Medical Class

Presentation includes: Award

Nomination and Selection Process: 

Nominations are solicited from members of the graduating medical class.  The recipient is then selected by the graduating class’ co-presidents.

Past Recipients:

2022 Natalie Moore
2021 Dellene Stonehocker
2020 Dellene Stonehocker
2019 Carol Stevens
2018 Stacey L. Leventis
2017 Dellene Stonehocker
2016 Dellene Stonehocker
2015 Stacey L. Leventis
2014 Kristin Randall
2013 Dellene Stonehocker
2012 Kristin Randall
2011 Kristin Randall
2010 Kristin Randall