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The James L. Parkin, MD, Award for Outstanding Clinical Teaching

Sponsor: Dr. James L. Parkin

Presentation includes:  Plaque and $2,000

This award was established to recognize an outstanding faculty member who has made significant contributions to medicine and to higher education.  The recipient constantly strives to improve the quality of clinical care and medical education. 

Nomination and Selection Process: 

Submit the name of a faculty physician you have worked with whom you think embodies the characteristics noted above, and a one- to two-paragraph summary supporting your nomination. 

Graduating medical students nominate and select the recipients of this award.

Past Recipients:     

2022 Christopher Carlisle, M.D.
2021 Stacy A. Johnson, M.D.
2020 Andrew Smith, M.D.
2019 Megan L. Fix, M.D.
2018 Brian P. Good, M.D.
2017 Tiffany S. Glasgow, M.D.
2016 Andrew G. Smith, M.D.
2015 Brian P. Good, M.D.
2014 David Renner, M.D.
2013 Michael J. Battistone, M.D.
2012 Adam Stevenson, M.D.