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James W. Prahl Memorial Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student in Biological or Biomedical Sciences

Sponsor: Family, Friends and Colleagues of Dr. James W. Prahl

Presentation includes:  Plaque and $1,000

This award recognizes an outstanding PhD student who exhibits excellence in the pursuit of scientific knowledge basic to the understanding of medicine.

Nomination and Selection Process:

The Department of Pathology’s Division of Microbiology and Immunology facilitates the nomination and selection process annually in February.

Past Recipients:       

2022 Jacob M. Winter
2021 Patrick D. Parker, Ph.D.
2021 Amanda Truong, Ph.D.
2020 Julie Feusier, Ph.D.
2020 Kyle R. Jenks, Ph.D.
2019 Gurkan Mollaoglu, Ph.D.
2018 Niladri Kumar Sinha, Ph.D.
2016 John C. Schell, Ph.D.
2015 Dan Bricker, Ph.D.
2015 Allyson Merrell, Ph.D.
2014 Vahid Koddami, Ph.D.
2013 Michael Jensen, Ph.D.
2013 Travis J. Wiles, Ph.D.
2012 Talum Simonson, Ph.D.
2011 Andy Aman, Ph.D.
2010 Stacey Knight, Ph.D.
2009 Judith M. Neugebauer, Ph.D.
2008 Robert Fisher, Ph.D.
2008 Malay Haldar, Ph.D
2007 Rena Toydemir, Ph.D.
2006 Lincoln Nadauld, M.D., Ph.D.
2005 Andreas Förster, Ph.D.
2005 Miles A. Pufall, Ph.D.
2004 Asim Ahmad Beg, Ph.D.
2003 Robert B. Renden, Ph.D.
2002 Ihah Lee, Ph.D.
2001 Penelope J. Brockie, Ph.D.
2000 Jianying Dong, Ph.D.
2000 Changan Jiang, Ph.D.
2000 Matthew T. Schmolesky, Ph.D.
1998 Zhiguo Zhang, Ph.D.
1997 Karen L. Schmeichel, Ph.D.
1996 Timothy Paul Galitski, Ph.D.
1995 Jeffrey A. Kowalak, Ph.D.
1994 LiMing Yang, Ph.D.
1993 Chris W. Lehman, Ph.D.
1992 Margaret Lee Karow, Ph.D.
1990 Edward B. Maryon, Ph.D.
1989 Deborah Ang, Ph.D.
1987 Richard S. Ajioka, Ph.D.
1986 Jeffrey D. Schall, Ph.D.
1985 Donald R. Gehlert, Ph.D.
1984 Dean S. Dawson, Ph.D.
1983 Kit Tilly, Ph.D.
1982 Mary K. Schmitt, Ph.D.
1981 Matthew L. Thomas, Ph.D.
1980 David Peabody, Ph.D.

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