In its first full deployment, elite Utah medical team heads to Houston, lead by our very own Dr. Bott
Aug 30, 2017

In its first full deployment, elite Utah medical team heads to Houston, lead by our very own Dr. Bott

Utah’s Disaster Medical Assistance Team answered — assembling at Salt Lake City International Airport on Tuesday for the first time as an entire 36-person unit in its 10-year history. Headed by University of Utah anesthesiologist Steven Bott, the group members will fly to Dallas to await instruction on where best to deploy their skills in Houston in the wake of now-Tropical Storm Harvey.... Read More

Mar 08, 2017

Dr. Hopf selected for the 2017 Linda K. Amos Award for Distinguished Service to Women

As the director of faculty mentoring at the School of Medicine and the lead for the School of Medicine’s Women in Medicine and Science Program, she created a recurring seminar series and workshops through which she mentored faculty members. She’s also advised and mentored undergraduate and graduate level students through her American Women’s Medical Association and the Association of Future Female Physicians. Sandhya Ravichandran, a 2012 graduate of the U’s School of Medicine said “Dr. Hopf has been one of the most pivotal mentors during my medical education and training… She instills trust, achievement, and ambition in all of the women she has mentored over the years.”... Read More

Charcoal Gas Filter
Apr 13, 2016

Anesthesia device PROTECTS VULNERABLE PATIENTS from potentially fatal anesthesia gases

The idea to develop Vapor-Clean was sparked by Sakata and partners Drs. Joseph Orr and Dwayne Westenskow’s first invention, the ANEClearTM—an anesthetic reversal device that allows patients to partially rebreathe their own exhaled carbon dioxide to clear inhaled anesthetics from the brain, reducing their time in the operating and recovery room. “We discovered that doctors at Cincinnati Children’s hospital were using the ANEClear to keep anesthetic vapors from coming out of the machine to protect MH-vulnerable patients,” says Sakata. “But ANEClear wasn’t designed to get the gases below the required 5ppm.” ... Read More

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