UUH Graduate Medical Education (GME)

New GME Trainee Orientation – Resource List

This list is intended to offer a quick glance at some of the items you are required to complete (those with an *) and resources you may need as a GME trainee at the University of Utah Health.  Contact the GME Office at (801) 581-2401 or gme@hsc.utah.edu with any questions or concerns.

Campus Information System (CIS) 
Update your mailing address in CIS 24 hours after your hire date.
 When your “Employee” section appears in CIS, under your name in the top right corner, click on “Employee Profile” to then update your Home/Mailing Address.

Communications (Paging)
You will have the choice to either use the SPOK mobile app or obtain a physical pager. Smart Web is the UUH paging system.  Pediatrics trainees receive their pagers from PCH.  Anesthesiology trainees receive cell phones from the department.

*Commuter Services (Parking Permits)
The “A” permit is most commonly chosen and allows you to park in the A, E, U lots, as well as the Shoreline Ridge Terrace Garage.  Email parkingpermits@utah.edu and state you are a “GME Trainee”, include your UNID, the Permit Type, and the vehicle plate number (up to 2 vehicles). A permit cost: $648/year or $27/month for payroll deduction. You can also find the live shuttle tracker on the Commuter Service link above.

COVID-19 Information and Resources
COVID-19 Information in MedHub, Personal Protective Equipment and Instructions, and GME Information regarding COVID-19 to program leadership. Click here for information from our DIO

Cross-Cultural State Resource 
Parks/Recreation, Historic Sites, Theaters/Museums/Libraries, Sporting Events, etc.

Digital Resources
Here is a quick glance at some of the digital resources you may need as a GME trainee at University of Utah Health.

*Direct Deposit, W2/W4, View Paychecks
Set up direct deposit for your paychecks 24 hours after your hire date to ensure you receive your first paycheck. In CIS, under the Employee section, click on the Payroll, Taxes and Salary icon, then go to the Direct Deposit and W-4 Tax Information icons to complete these steps. NOTE: Pay checks are issued on the 7th and 22nd of each month (the Friday before if it falls on a weekend). Your first payday: 6/24 hire date (July 7); 7/1 hire date (July 22); 7/8 hire date (7/22); 8/1 (8/22).

Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct
The Ethical Standards and Code of Conduct handbook provides direction to appropriate resources and to assist employees in acting responsibly.

Eccles Health Science Library 
Access databases, electronic journals, and the library catalog.

Employee Discount Services
Get discounts on cell phone plans, event tickets, and other services.

Employment Contract Review Resources
Kelly McBeain
University of Utah Attorney
Email Kelly.McBeain@legal.utah.edu
Rate: $100.00 per hour  

Mike Blackburn
Blackburn & Stoll, LC
Phone: (801)587-3500
Email denisep@blackburn-stoll.com (email is for his assistant Denise)
Rate: $100 per contract

 GME Disability Insurance
University of Utah Health, at no cost to you, automatically provides a medical specialty specific long term disability income policy. As you complete your training, you have the opportunity to continue this coverage and increase your disability plan without medical underwriting, provided you have not applied for individual disability income in the past 12 months or have had insurance declined in the past 7 years. Please contact The Standard Insurance Company with any questions.
Phone – 801-433-1630
Jeremy Barlow, CLU, CFP – jeremy.barlow@nm.com
Jeffrey Lewis, CLU, ChFC – Jeffrey.lewis@nm.com
Kevin Samuelson – Kevin.samuelson@nm.com

Health, Dental & Life Benefits
For current GME trainees until July 2021, contact Campus Benefits at 801-581-7447 or benefits@utah.edu for questions related to your Health, Dental, Life & Disability Insurance benefits.  

* We are in the process of changing from campus to hospital benefits. Contact information and instructions will be provided at a later date. 

Informative and Relevant Articles for GME Trainees

Loan Deferments/Forbearance
Submit all requests to Candice Ingersoll at Candice.Ingersoll@hsc.utah.edu.

Marriott Library
Access databases, electronic journals, and the library catalog.

Contact GME at gme@hsc.utah.edu with questions related to employment confirmation for your home mortgage.  Please note, we may not sign off that all contract contingencies have been met until after completion of your drug screen.

Notice of Filing of the Application for Permanent Employment Certification

Partners in Medicine
Local resource for housing, mortgages, financial advisors, etc.

Payroll, Leaves, ADA accommodations
The GME Office is your resource for payroll, Leaves (FMLA, MLOA, etc.), and ADA accommodations. For more information please contact the GME office at gme@hsc.utah.edu

Physical Health Resources for GME Trainees
Learn about the many physical health opportunities around the state.

Policies – Graduate Medical Education 
All GME policies may be found here.  Contact the GME Office if you have any questions.

Privacy Office
Learn about your responsibilities for protecting information about University employees and hospital patients.

Project Connector
Connects faculty, students, and trainees interested in research and/or quality improvement projects across disciplines.

Public Safety
Find out how the Public Safety department works to keep us safe.

Resident Interdisciplinary Counsel (RIC)
The RIC is a team of residents from all specialties working together to represent current concerns and improve quality of life for residents and fellows.  They provide a safe forum for trainee concerns to be discussed with GME, offer social actives, and represent all residents and fellows on academic committees.  For more information contact Sarah Breevoort

* RUUTE Sign-Up Sheet
Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in rural rotations.

ScrubEx Machines 
GME trainees are automatically given three scrub credits on your UCard upon hire. For any issues, please contact Candice Ingersoll in the GME Office at Candice.ingersoll@hsc.utah.edu. If Candice is not availible contact Mark Pugmire with Linen Services at 801-213-2477 or mark.pugmire@hsc.utah.edu

Tax Services 
Non-US Citizens with questions about FICA Tax Exemptions, contact Vincent Lo, Sr. Account, at Vincent.Lo@admin.utah.edu.

TeleHealth Visit Resources
Find up to date information on UUH Telehealth resources. Access TeleHealth training slides here.

UCard Office
For information on how to use your University Badge (UCard) for free use of TRAX/Buses/Frontrunner, hospital door access, campus/hospital dining, bookstore discounts, library privileges, and other services. Your badge also grants you 3 sets of scrubs from the ScrubX machines.  Please note: UCards will be provided by the GME Office during your drug screen appointment.  For those in need of a PCH badge, this will be handled by your program coordinator.  Do not attempt to obtain the badge on your own.

University Information Technology
Learn about your responsibilities for keeping computer information secure.

Utah State Official Site
Check out the “Newcomers Guide” located under the “Residents” tab at the top of the page.

Utah Medical Association (UMA) Membership
GME MD and DO trainees are automatically enrolled as a member with UMA. Benefits include free financial services, a Verizon monthly discount, home loan credits, networking, free physician legal hotline, and more.

Veteran Affairs (VA) Resources
For any trainees who will rotate at the VA, find useful information such as a map of the VA campus, Remote Access Guide, VA OSHA Respirator Questionnaire, etc.

GME Wellness
The GME Wellness Office exists to help ensure trainees thrive during their training experience.  Among other services we offer wellness coaching, mental health counseling, a wellness elective, debrief groups, and an appreciation campaign.  Our counseling services are free, completely confidential, with no records in the hospital system and no insurance involvement.

* Work Wellness Center  (WWC)
If necessary, schedule an appointment to complete your immunization records.  Contact the WWC at 801-581-2227.  They are located in Area E of the main hospital (ACC LL2, M-F, 7:30a-3:30pm). Let them know you are an incoming GME trainee.

The GME office welcomes our 2020 residents and fellows to the University of Utah!

We value our trainees and are committed to helping you be successful.

Please feel free to reach out to us at 801-581-2401 if you need assistance or have any questions.