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A vigorous group of scientists and trainees dedicated to the expansion and transmission of knowledge about the biological world. Our particular focus is the characterization of macromolecules and biological processes at the molecular level. Research groups in the department address the structure of biological macromolecules, the mechanisms by which they function, and the possible applications to research technology and to medicine. more

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Michael Kay, M.D., Ph.D.

Michael Kay

The focus of our lab is mirror-image biology. Mirror-image peptides and proteins (composed of D-amino acids) are a promising new class of therapeutics because they are highly resistant to degradation by natural proteases. We are currently developing novel D-peptide inhibitors of viral entry (particularly for HIV and Ebola), as well as for bacterial/cellular targets. We are also interested in developing new synthetic tools to facilitate chemical protein synthesis with the ultimate long-term goal of producing a fully synthetic mirror-image organism (“D. coli”). 


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