Role and Responsibilities

UUCME operates using a decentralized model. For details of expectations of both the department and UUCME, see UUCME Expectations.

As you move through the planning, execution, and evaluation of your activity, the CME Office will guide you through the CME process.  We do not provide event planning or logistical assistance, but can help with CME or educational-oriented questions. 

Topics to consider & complete prior to the activity

  • Publicity
  • Registration list
  • Disclosure & resolution of conflicts of interest
  • Letters of agreement for commercial support
  • Syllabus/course materials
  • Honorarium

Topics to consider & complete after to the activity

  • Evaluation / commitment to change
  • Attendance roster
  • Electronic rendition of all web pages
  • Payment of any UUCME fees
  • Complete the end of course review
  • Post-activity meeting

For more details, see UUCME Expectations, UUCME Policies, or contact us


Other tips and helpful advice

If you are coordinating an on-going series, please use this Coordinator Packet to assist you in your duties and keep up with our requirments.

If you plan to seek grants from commercial interest, you will need our help in completing the Commercial Support Letter of Agreement.  We can discuss this with you anytime and during your planning meeting. 

If you plan to have exhibitors at your activity, you are not required to complete a Letter of Agreement, but we strongly suggest you do complete an exhibitor written agreement.  Remember - exhibitors must be outside of the learning space and no logos may be present.  Please contact us to talk more about this, if you have questions. 

As you plan your activity, you might find the following videos helpful.