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Behavioral Sleep Medicine (BSM)

Behavioral sleep medicine (BSM) is a multidisciplinary and rapidly growing area of clinical research that studies the biological, psychological and social aspect of healthy sleep, sleep disorders and sleep across the lifespan.

The BSM program at University of Utah is directed by Dr. Kelly Baron, PhD, MPH, CBSM. The lab was established in 2019 and is already getting people excited about sleep all over campus! The goals of the BSM lab include:

    • To conduct research on the biological and behavioral links between sleep loss and circadian disruption with cardiometabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease)
    • To develop evidence-based interventions among individuals with insufficient sleep
    • To understand disparities in sleep and sleep disorders among minority populations and strive to reduce sleep disparities.
    • To provide training and education on sleep disorders screening and evidence-based treatment for sleep disorders for psychologists, medical residents and postdoctoral fellows through our accredited BSM training program
    • To provide effective treatments for patients with sleep disorders at the University of Utah Sleep Wake Center including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia and other BSM treatments.
    • To interact with the public and media to promote sleep health and increasing awareness of sleep disorders to improve public health

Lab Activities

    • Sleep and Circadian Journal Club is a monthly informal lab meeting where we share the latest articles related to our current work.
    • U Sleep Research Meetings is held quarterly in the Psychology Department to present works in progress and network among sleep researchers at the U.
    • BSM case conferences are held quarterly at the University of Utah Sleep Wake Center on Friday mornings.

Interested in participating in BSM research? Find out more about our Current Studies