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Training & Development: U-HELM Fellows attend monthly seminar sessions in-person. Sessions cover critical topics related to cultural identities, e.g., diversity in a racist world, micro-aggressions, bystander training, allyship, and resilience. U-HELM is not a research mentoring program; research-related topics may come up but are not the focus.

Mentoring: Fellows are matched with a senior-level faculty mentor to address issues of leadership and cultural identity. Mentors are chosen based on their experience with equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts; they are offered mentoring training with proven methods to enhance effectiveness. U-HELM is designed to supplement existing mentoring relationships by addressing domains not usually covered in traditional, discipline-based academic relationships.

Networking: Fellows have opportunities to network with peers, mentors, and leaders from the University of Utah and beyond.

Considering conditions of the pandemic, all meetings, including seminar sessions, networking opportunities, and Fellow-mentor meetings, may be subject to be held via Zoom.