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Faculty mentor


Stacy Basemera
Stacy Basemera Student Advisor TBD TBD

Alexis Cunningham
Alexis Cunningham Student Advisor TBD TBD

Sharla Kirkpatrick
Sharla Kirkpatrick Student Dr. Mia Hashibe Metabolic Diseases Among Rural Breast Cancer Survivors

Lyanna Lusk
Iyanna Lusk Student Dr. Brock O'Neil Cancer Health Services and Disparities Research

Atiyana Paul
Atiyana Paul Student Dr. Lisa Gren Urban Indian Center EHR

Nyah Smith
Nyah Smith Student Dr. Kelly Baron Circadian timing and energy balance study

Whitney Willis
Whitney Willis Student Dr. Darrah Sleeth U-COVER: University of Utah Containment Ventilation for Exposure Reduction