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Aditi Sharma

Aditi Sharma, MD

  • About Me

    Dr. Sharma grew up in India in a military background, and went to medical school in one of the largest government funded tertiary care centers in the capital. She then joined the Clinical and Translational Neuromuscular Research Program at the Yale School of Medicine. Her lab research with the Guthy Jackson Foundation under the mentorship of Dr. Kevin O’Connor focused on novel, high-throughput assays studying serum and CSF biomarkers in NMO. Dr. Sharma also worked with Dr. Richard Nowak on the clinical side, during which she interfaced between the clinic and the basic science laboratory, acting as a link between them. She helped develop the bio-repository, followed research subjects, and developed research questions and areas of independent investigations. She served as the principal blinded evaluator for multiple clinical trials. She was also in charge of the development, successful launch, and maintenance of the EXPLORE-MG registry using REDCap, which enabled this to be used as a tool to study MG patients longitudinally. During residency, Dr. Sharma found herself particularly drawn towards neuroimmunology, especially the intersection with multiple areas of biomedical science such as systemic autoimmunity, vaccines, infections, and possibly even neurodegenerative disease. She is very excited to start her fellowship in Utah, and will be moving there with her husband and their puppy. In her free time, she likes to cook, hike, and play board games.